Privacy Statement

GoPetition recognises that your privacy is very important to you and that you have a right to control your personal information. We know that providing personal information is an act of trust and we take that seriously. This privacy policy forms part or our Terms of Use (TOU) and is subject to and should be read with our TOU.

Your email address will NEVER be displayed on this website. Email addresses are stored confidentially and securely with multi-layer protection.

We will not email you anything unrelated to GoPetition. If your email address is supplied, it will be stored securely.

If you are signing a petition, you may be sent a signature receipt by email that confirms that you have signed the petition. The receipt is for your records and provides information about how to edit and manage your signature. Your email address may be used for signature verification by GoPetition when we conduct quality control of a signature list. This is important to maintain high standards of signature list integrity. Quality signature lists promote quality petitions and successful campaigns.

Your information

GoPetition will not give or sell your personal information to any third party. If signing a petition, your information can be accessed by the petition's author. Petition authors agree to use signatures responsibly, legally and in compliance with our Terms and this Privacy Policy. This may involve the author contacting you about the campaign you have supported at GoPetition. Authors also have permission to forward petition signatures to the relevant petition's target, so petition targets may also ultimately view signature details. Authors agree not to republish petition signatures on any other website or public media forum.

Signature and Signature Comment Display and Search Engine Access to Signature Lists and Signature Comments

If you are signing a petition your signature and signature comment (excluding your email address and street address) may be publicly displayed in a signature list (and signature comment page). Each petition at GoPetition has a public signature list that publicly displays at GoPetition all those who sign each petition. Our public lists do not include email or street addresses, but may include your town/city. Comments made with a signature can appear on a dedicated signature comment page.

The public lists and comments give weight to each petition and confidence to other signers. Each author has the option to NOT display their list publicly. But you should assume that the author may display their list. If you choose our "Anonymous" designation feature, then your name will be cloaked publicly and will only be viewable to the author and target. You may also elect to hide your signature comment from public view if you only want the author or target to view your comment.

Please note that search engines such as Google and Yahoo may be able to view your signature and signature comment and may index your signature and signature comment (if made). You may prevent indexing by cloaking your signature with an "Anonymous" designation and by "hiding" your comment. GoPetition members may now edit their signatures (including comments) to encourage or hide from search engine exposure. For information about how to edit your signature please read our FAQ.

Facebook comments

If you use the facebook comment facility on any petition then your name and facebook photo may appear on the GoPetition site. GoPetition uses a facebook plugin for the facebook comment facility. GoPetition does not guarantee that attempts to edit facebook comments by users of this facility will result in the desired editorial results. Any use of the facebook comment facility is at the user's own risk.

GoPetition's use of Google Maps software

GoPetition generates signature maps powered by a special application of Google Maps known as MarkerClusterer. This software collects signature markers into different clusters and displays the number of markers in each cluster with a label, creating new clusters as the map zoom level changes. Signature maps at GoPetition can be used for a variety of purposes, electoral and otherwise. Maps at GoPetition do NOT label any particular signer, nor are they intended to. The maps are simply designed to give a geographical overview of supporter interest. You should be aware that any geographical information you provide may be used to generate maps at GoPetition.

Advertisements on GoPetition

GoPetition uses the services of Google and Liveramp advertising.

* Google, as a third-party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on this site. Specifically Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie.

* Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to our users based on their visit to our sites and other sites on the Internet.

* Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Notwithstanding any other provision, we partner with third parties that collect information across various channels, including offline and online, for purposes of delivering more relevant advertising to you. Our partners may place or recognize a cookie on your computer, device, or directly in our emails/communications, and we may share nonpersonal information with them if you have submitted such information to us, such as a hashed (de-identified) version of your email address (we do not share your email address or any other personal information). Our partners may link the non-personal information we share with them to the cookie stored on your browser or device, and they may collect information such as your IP address, browser or operating system type and version, and demographic or inferred-interest information. Our partners use this information to recognize you across different channels and platforms over time for advertising, analytics, attribution, and reporting purposes. For example, our partners may deliver an ad to you in your web browser based on a purchase you made in a physical retail store, or they may send a personalized marketing email to you based on the fact that you visited a particular website. To learn more about interest-based advertising in general and to opt out, please visit


See info above. We also use cookies to remember who you are. In addition, GoPetition uses cookies and scripting for several site functions. This information is used to enhance customer experience of our software.

Signature Details and Personal Information

Signatures will include the signer's IP address which will be available to the author and GoPetition administrators for security reasons. Other information provided to GoPetition in the signature process will be treated according to international standards.

GoPetition provides personal data access rights to all signers and others who leave personal information on the GoPetition website. GoPetition respects the data access rights of those who entrust information to the GoPetition website. GoPetition complies with International protocols in this regard. International standards allow for small administrative fees to be applied in some cases where records are requested or edits requested in relation to personal records.

Data Deletion

You may require your personal data deletion from GoPetition service. In order to do so, please submit a Contact Us form (select "Technical" for Subject) with submitting your personal details you want to get removed from GoPetition.

Email contact from GoPetition

If you are signing a petition, you may be sent a signature receipt by email that confirms that you have signed the petition. The receipt is for your records and provides information about how to edit and manage your signature. You may also be sent an update about the petition you have signed. On an occasional basis, you may be sent information about related petitions and site updates. If you have joined during or after the signature process you may sent email that is relevant to your GoPetition account.

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