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For years and years we have seen our once great club slip down the table from being title contenders to the present day fighting for our lives at the bottom end of the table. One reason for the state of our club is a certain Mr Stewart Milne. Here we have a chairman that is a very good and rich businessman in his chosen field of building houses or homes whichever way you want to put it. Here is a man that under him has certainly transformed my beloved Aberdeen Football Club into the laughing stock of Scottish Football through various disasters.

A once proud club has been allowed to be run into the ground losing money left right and centre for years under Mr Milne, lost players because we couldn't afford to keep them or buy them, ditched a toaster to save on the electricity, cut our squad to the bare minimum filled with players that not even a third division team would take on loan if they wanted that is, thats how bad our playing squad is at the moment. We have been the worst team in Europe official. Promises have been broken Mr Milne now i think is the time to go, why should i travel all the way from Dumfries every saturday to see a team that cant give it's all and dont say its not your fault Mr Milne it is you may be a good house builder but you sure aint a good football chairman do me and many others a favour and go before you put our club out of business, the first protests where today Mr Milne expect it to gather momentum if you dont sort out our club. If you cant do the job no more then GO now, before you lose any creditablity you have left

If you wish a change at pittodrie before it is too late then please sign this petition!! Save Aberdeen Football Club!!

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